Acid Dyeing Workshop

Here is a link to the program’s PDF file — thank you Betty!


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An Essay by Joy C: 

On Dyeing and Fiber
Last night’s workshop, presented by Betty Murphy, was a very special one. It was evident that Betty had spent a lot of time choosing and purchasing all of the materials, preparing the floor with tarps, arranging and preparing the soaking buckets, and setting out the foil containers, measuring cups, syringes, foam applicators, gloves, and other assorted dyeing goodies.
She told us that she was unable to make copies of the information sheet that she had prepared. At first, I could tell that so many members were confused about how to proceed but then serendipity took over, and isn’t serendipity so much a part of the magical moments of spinning, knitting, crocheting, weaving and fiber. So often, we begin with one idea in mind and as the process develops, we end up with an entirely new product. That is what occurred last night.
Although we each were given three primary colors, as I gazed around the room I was greeted with a kaleidoscope. There were peaches, and blues and purples and yellows. Some dyed their fiber one color, others painted their yarn with many colors, and still others used a dipping technique to blend a number of dyes. Some calculated each step and others worked impulsively. Each creation was one of a kind. Waiting on line to use the microwave to set our dyes, we each got to look over at others, holding their foil containers filled with their jewels. Thank you Betty for all your preparation, organization and inspiration.
This evening didn’t start out as magically as it ended. It started with some hurt feelings and controversy. The dyeing workshop showed, however, what we are all there for. We love to create and we each have a lot of knowledge that we could share. It is a special night when we get together.

Members Share Their Results:

Jane-Marie:  I re-skeined the yarn after rinsing and drying.  I made sections of purple and yellow and dabbed some green in spots.   This wasn’t exactly what I expected but I’m still pleased with the results


Meryilyn K:  Last night, Lisa and I participated in the Spin Guild’s Dyeing Workshop! Thank you Betty Murphy!
Lisa’s is the ‘Firebird’ and mine is the ‘Monet’! Stay tuned to see what we knit from these!


Jill F: Thanks Betty, learned a lot and love my yarn!


Joy C:


Penny J:  I had so much fun!


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