The Intentional Spinner

Our program for 2014-2015 will be an in depth study of Judith MacKenzie McCuin’s book The Intentional Spinner.  Each month our meeting program will focus on a chapter and as a group, we will ‘Learn how to make yarns that precisely match your needs with decision making and planning to create the exact project you want from the beginning’.

Members will be asked to volunteer to head the monthly chapter discussion and to present a chapter overview.  With the book to guide you, it should be a much less intimidating prospect.  Of course, you can always go beyond what the chapter holds and do more research, but that is entirely optional.  You can also volunteer individually, or with other guild members and present as a team. No matter what approach you choose, our guild needs everyone’s involvement!!

Our library has a copy of the book and DVD that will be available to the person who is doing that month’s chapter.  If you would like your own copy, you can follow the link above to order from Amazon.  It can also be ordered from Interweave. The book is also available without the DVD, the link we provided goes to the DVD version.

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