Spring Workshop

Patsy Zawistoski Workshop
March 12th & 13th
9:00 – 4:00
$75 per class with $15/class material fee


the workshop will be held at the Post Morrow Annex

16 Bay Ave, Brookhaven, NY 11719


  • SATURDAY: Decoding, and Matching Designer Yarns 
    • How CAN I make that yarn? Inquiring minds want to know. Start with Patsy’s secret yarn decoder! Student pairs will decode fancy yarn samples to understand the variety of structures utilized and how they affect later usage. You will be ready to spin the yarn you want once equipped with the structure information and wheel mechanics. Worksheets, a decoder, yarns and fiber will be provided. You may bring a commercial yarn and fiber for matching. Open to all textile students.

  • SUNDAY:  Banana, Corn, Milk & Soy: Spinning Your Lunch Fibers
    • In the early 1900’s, science had shown the way to regenerate cellulose fibers This encouraged the next quest to create fiber from a protein, and led to the creation of fibers from items we recognize as foods – soy, milk protein, corn and banana (not the fruit but the stalk). These fibers are sold now as Soysilk, INGEO™ Silk Latte, and banana fibers. These are very soft, fine fibers, which mimic silk and cashmere. Learn the differences between these fibers as you spin and ply to make the most of their natural beauty.
How do you get in on the fun?
  • Please sign up with Ellen (voodoostomp@gmail.com) for the workshop(s).
  • You don’t have to do both days.
  • We are planning on going out to dinner after the Saturday session at Painter’s (here is their website)  please also let Ellen know if you would like to join us so we can make a reservation.

Looking forward to a fun weekend –  Guild workshops are a wonderful way to spend time with your fellow spinners as well as a great learning experience!

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